About Me

Welcome, My name is Abdulkader Alaliwi  I was born in 1996 in Damascus / Syria on International Workers' Day 1 May

In 2014 I studied English in Malaysia, and then in 2016 I came to Turkey for university studies to this day....

I started my career in the online business world when I was 13 years old. And from here My journey started :

  • I created  AhlaMontada.com forum, and then go to to supervise the vBulletin forums , and then start to develop additions and styles for vBulletin forums.
  • I set up a forum for each school I studied in at the middle and high school.
  • I opened the Ba8aya net network and it was closed In order to studying in the middle school.
  • As a primary partner, I bought the ITechn website and It has been One of the best technology sites in the world.
  • I started working small business on Khamsat website and I have completed more than 130 services with a 100% evaluation. my account on khamsat.com
  • I bought a book of Dr. Ibrahim Elfiky and I wrote it completely on the computer and  i made it  an application for Android smartphones, and got a large number of downloads and material profits, which made me start my career in the world of programming applications Android.
  • I redeveloped and maintained the KEBLAH foundation website. KEBLAH
  • I programed an application to learn English at a time when Arabic applications were it a few, which made it get half  million downloads, and good monthly earnings.  my story with stealing 'daily sentences english' application, topic in Arabic
  • I programed project that was very big in a daily profits It is an  (Android app) sending free sms messages to all countries of the world.read more
  • I have written the book of  "Learn the basics of Android in Arabic" and has more than 200,000 readers and has been Shared from many sites. Ref
  • I have provided tutorials in programming Android apps on my channel on YouTube. my channel

 So I started and completed my career to learning a different fields of working online.

The founder of the first Arab site in the field of programming applications Android Andrody, At this time i developer sites WordPress

# The hearts are a farms, Plant in it the good word, if didn't grew all .Some Of it  will grew


  • Photoshop 70%

  • UI (mobile apps + web pages) 70%

  • Adobe XD 60%

Application development

  • Android 90%

  • Ionic 50%

  • React native 30%

Web developer

  • PHP 80%

  • HTML 90%

  • JavaScript 80%

  • CSS 90%

Basics of Programming Languages

  • JavaFx (basic) 40%

  • C/C++ 70%

  • Python 60%

  • PHP (web application) 70%

  • PHP (Laravel) 90%

  • Java 70%


  • Arabic 100%

  • English 60%

  • Turkish 70%

Content Management System

  • WordPress 90%

  • Joomla 40%

  • OpenCart 70%